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The Houston Organization of Public Employees is the only civilian city workers’ union in Texas. HOPE Local 123 represents municipal employees and is dedicated to improving equal opportunity, economic growth, education, liberty, and justice for all. Since winning its first labor agreement with the City of Houston in 2009, HOPE Local 123 has grown its membership to include public workers in every city department.


“I’ve worked hard all my life – the last twenty of them for the city of Houston as a heavy equipment operator keeping the bridges of Houston sound and drivers safe. I love my job, but I look forward to retiring and fishing with my dog Champ. I’m proud of the one on one conversations I had with my legislators in Austin and that my union (HOPE AFSCME Local 123) was able to work with Mayor Turner and protect our pensions. It’s really great to hear SB 2190 passed!

Michael Brooks – Heavy Equipment Operator (Houston, Texas)

HOPE Members –

With an overwhelming majority of 103 – 43 we are excited to announce Senate Bill 2190, Mayor Turner’s negotiated pension reform plan passed! Congratulations HOPE AFSCME Local 123 and the city of Houston. We should be so proud of our continued activism and the role we played in protecting our pension benefits, ensuring the city did not face layoffs, and maintaining our ability to provide vital services for the city of Houston.

What we were able to accomplish this legislative session was directly related to the countless actions we all took part in. Hundreds of calls, letters and emails were sent to Texas state senators and representatives. This level of activity showed our elected leaders that the negotiated pension reform plan and protecting pension and retirement benefits is important to HOPE, its members and the city of Houston.

Today let’s celebrate this accomplishment – Congratulations to everyone that called, wrote, or drove to Austin to make the passage of Senate Bill 2190, protecting our pension and retirement benefits a reality.

In Solidarity,

Melvin Hughes

President of HOPE AFSCME Local 123



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Popular Resources

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“It’s not about being ready. It’s about being willing. The foundation of this union is the will of its members. ”
President, Melvin Hughes