Layoffs Begin Today: A Message from Melvin

HOPE members and all city employees have sacrificed to prevent major layoffs, and we hoped they wouldn’t come. However, the reality is that layoffs are happening–likely while many of you are reading this article.

Late yesterday evening, HOPE learned that the City will begin giving out layoff notices on Thursday, April 28. We expect that hundreds more such notices will be sent out to city employees in various departments from April 28 to May 18. To keep you informed and provide as many resources as possible, we have devoted a special section of our website specifically to layoffs, which will be updated with information as we get it.

Layoffs will cause tremendous pain for our friends and coworkers, and the adverse effects will be felt in every department and by every citizen in the city. We had hoped to provide advance notice to our members, but despite numerous attempts, were unable to gain confirmation from the City on layoff implementations until this evening.

You may likely receive an email from the City detailing its departmental layoff plans today. We’d like to repeat that HOPE has never supported layoffs and we’ll keep the pressure on the City to realize the cost savings you have found.

If you are given notice of a layoff, there are some things you should know:

- all affected employees will remain on the payroll through July 1, 2011.

- some employees will continue reporting to their job sites until that date; others will be asked to stop reporting to work immediately.

- you have rights to appeal the decision.

For information on your rights to appeal, please visit the Layoffs section of the HOPE website to take the next steps.

HOPE will vigorously appeal every case with merit, and work with you to ensure due process. Due to the anticipated high volume of phone calls and inquiries, we ask you to utilize the Layoffs section of the HOPE website before calling us at (713) 403-8888.

In solidarity,

Melvin Hughes, HOPE President

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