HOPE Constitution & Bylaws

The membership of HOPE is governed according to the HOPE Constitution and Bylaws. It was drafted over a period of eight months in 2008 by the Committee on the Future. HOPE members elected the following individuals to serve on the committee:

David Bales

Larry Batiste

Chanelle Clark

Robbie Eldridge

Jeffrey Floyd

Henry Herber

Diane Hosey-Williams

Lutricia Hughes

Robert Joseph

Rory Lister

Sheray McKinney

Adam Mena

James Moore

Willie Moore

Nicolle Sanders

Roy Sanchez

Wanda Sterling

Bobbie Jo Taylor

Clarence Stevens

Jere Talley

Doug Waskopf

Key sections of the HOPE Constitution and Bylaws are provided below.

Mission Statement

We are a diverse community of municipal employees dedicated to improving the lives of workers and their families through access to equal opportunity, economic growth, education, liberty and justice for all.

We shall achieve respect and fair work practices by organizing for growth, gaining political strength and participating in the collective bargaining process.

As HOPE Members, moving forward in the 21st Century, we shall lead and engage in innovative ways to enhance community development, safeguard our environment and advocate for success of future generations

ARTICLE II - Jurisdiction

HOPE shall have exclusive jurisdiction over employes of the City of Houston.

ARTICLE IV - Membership Categories

Section 1 Eligibility
Any person employed within the jurisdiction of the Local Union shall be eligible for membership in accordance with these bylaws.

Section 2 Non-Discrimination
HOPE shall not discrimination based on political opinion, race, gender identity, color, creed, citizenship status, national origin, disability, marital status, age, religion, ancestry, affiliation, sex or sexual orientation

Section 3 Active Member

Active members are members employed in a jurisdiction represented by HOPE or employed by HOPE and paying the prescribed regular dues. In order for a member to be an active member, s/he must fulfill current dues obligation. All such members enjoy full rights. Only active members shall serve as elected Local Executive Board Officers and District Representatives.

ARTICLE V - Member Bill of Rights and Responsibilities

Section 2 Members’ Rights

Members shall have the following rights:
The right to be represented in contractual and employment issues as provided in the contract and HOPE’s Constitution and Bylaws.

The right to have opinions heard and respected. The right to be informed of union activities, to be educated in union values and union skills.

The right to choose the leaders of the Union in a fair and democratic manner. The right to be a candidate for office, subject only to constitutionally specified qualifications, which shall be uniformly applied.

The right to a union that functions in full compliance with HOPE’s code of ethics as established by HOPE’s Executive Board.

The right to a full accounting of union funds and the proper stewardship over union resources.

The right to participate in the union’s decision-making processes, through discussion and vote, and to pertinent information needed for the exercise of that right.

The right to have members’ concerns resolved in a fair and expeditious manner.

The right for all members in good standing to be delegates to the AFSCME and SEIU International Conventions in accordance with the procedures of the International Unions.

Section 3 Member’s Responsibilities

Members have the following responsibilities:

The responsibility to organize new members and build a political voice.

The responsibility to participate and to stay informed.

The responsibility to contribute to support the union.

The responsibility to treat all workers and members fairly.

The responsibility to offer constructive criticism to the union.

ARTICLE XV - Meet and Confer

The authority for meet and confer shall be vested in the negotiating team which shall be elected by the membership.

  • A meet and confer agreement also creates a framework of rules that are binding on the employer and contains a grievance procedure or dispute resolution mechanism if a problem arises as to the meaning or interpretation of the contract.
  • Meet and Confer is intended to involve members directly and actively in determining their wages, hours and working conditions
  • We achieve success in meet and confer through organization, united action, legislative and political activity and the use of creative strategies and tactics.
  • The size and method of selecting a negotiating committee will vary based on factors such as the number of facilities, number of shifts, variety of classifications, the demographics of the members, and other factors that should be considered in assembling a committee that reflects the needs and diversity of the members.

Ratification of a meet and confer agreement shall be by secret ballot of the affected members.  Modification or additions to a meet and confer agreement shall be voted on by a secret ballot vote by the affected members.

-Download a complete copy of the Constitution & Bylaws:  HOPE Constitution and Bylaws Revised (110 downloads)
-Download a Constitution & Bylaws Amendment:  Constitution Bylaws Amendments Final (77 downloads)

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