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Of the 450 largest cities in the south/southwest there is only one union of civilian city workers with a labor agreement on the books — us. HOPE Local 123 stands alone.

Melvin Hughes President 1

President Melvin Hughes

Our “compensation contract”, the first meet and confer agreement, raised wages. It set a minimum wage for city of Houston employees above the federal minimum wage; a historic achievement. Our second meet and confer agreement, the ‘worker’s rights contract’, strengthened workplace protections, guaranteed worker representation on several city committees that impact workplace conditions, raised wages and more.

What HOPE achieves next depends on you. HOPE is stronger when you take action. Our impact is greater and our voice louder when you make the commitment to move from member to activist and activist to leader.

Now is the time to lead. Lend HOPE the power of your ideas and the strength of your voice. Seize the opportunity to deepen your commitment to our union: learn your contract, know your rights, know your team, stay connected and informed, take part in actions and campaigns, educate your co-workers, lead by example and grow your union.

Together we can achieve what none of us can ever achieve alone. At HOPE we thrive as one.

– President, Melvin Hughes

Popular Resources

Popular Resources

Click on the image to the right to download a copy of the 2015 Meet and Confer agreement between HOPE and the City of Houston.

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Member Quotes

“It’s not about being ready. It’s about being willing. The foundation of this union is the will of its members. ”
President, Melvin Hughes