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Too many Houston City Workers don’t know a labor agreement exists, the role of a labor agreement and how it works.  That’s why we have embarked on a year long campaign to spread the word about HOPE to educate and mobilize employees to action for the upcoming negotiations in 2015.

Did you know that HOPE is the sole and exclusive bargaining agent for city of Houston employees that builds power for municipal employees and their families.  Our agreement with the city protects and advances the rights of city workers.

During this campaign we will increase the number of worksite visits, build our membership and gear up for contract negotiations to protect city workers and gain greater wins.  Join us at a worksite meeting, contact the HOPE office to find out how your co-workers are winning for city workers through increased pay, more accountability with management, a fairer grievance process, better benefits and more.

Want to schedule a worksite meeting or find out when HOPE is coming to you?  Go to:

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Popular Resources

Popular Resources

Click on the image to the right to download a copy of the 2015 Meet and Confer agreement between HOPE and the City of Houston.

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Member Quotes

“It’s not about being ready. It’s about being willing. The foundation of this union is the will of its members. ”
President, Melvin Hughes