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Municipal employees can, do and should participate in governance…

In the beginning, before HOPE, petitions, labor agreements and a growing dues paying membership; there was simply a challenge and a promise.


Individually these words mean very little but together they hold a powerful possibility, a vision. This vision spread like wildfire through the City of Houston; through conversations in break rooms, in parking lots, at lunch and after work, between co-workers, spouses and friends. In 2005, for the first time city workers were talking about change; real change.

Ignited by a promise and a challenge, thousands of city workers seized the opportunity to be heard. We were overdue for change. Municipal workers had gone almost a decade without an across-the-board wage increase. Several classifications earned no more than the federal minimum wage, qualifying workers for food assistance. Inconsistent disciplinary action was common practice, and the ever changing maze of policies became increasingly difficult to keep up with for far too many of us.

Before 2005, city workers could do precious little to influence how the city was run. Despite our numbers, our impact was nonexistent.  For 169 years, we didn’t have a voice. We didn’t have a unifying mission. We couldn’t harness our collective strength. But one by one, city workers decided it was time for this to change. We stepped forward. We chose HOPE. We chose to believe in more than ourselves, we chose to believe in one another. And. We. Never. Looked. Back.


It’s the belief in one another–in each and every single worker at the city of Houston–that turned our vision into a reality.  It provided the strength to push through the three petition drives needed to form HOPE Local 123. It guided the efforts of our Committee for the Future as they drafted the constitution and bylaws that govern HOPE Local 123 to this day. It emboldened HOPE members to seek to raise the minimum base wage for city of Houston employees to $10 per hour as part of the first labor agreement.

Our willingness to believe in one another has changed the culture of the city of Houston. City workers are getting respect that is overdue and much deserve. No doubt there have been setbacks, the layoffs of 2009 being the most painful. Yet even in the midst of that challenge, HOPE members succeeded in changing the public’s perception of city workers. We became partners, working with taxpayers to make Houston a better place to live, work, invest, learn and play. We proved that city workers have the know-how and commitment to make city government efficient, effective and fair.

Everything we have achieved and will achieve is

 rooted in this simple challenge and promise:


The future holds countless challenges. At HOPE, we have learned that together we can achieve what none of us can accomplish alone. We will continue to stand firm on the American promise that all workers can thrive. We, the members of HOPE, believe in you.



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Popular Resources

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Member Quotes

“It’s not about being ready. It’s about being willing. The foundation of this union is the will of its members. ”
President, Melvin Hughes