AFSCME Demands End to Unacceptable Layoffs


Last Friday, Houston City Employees in the Health Department, Houston Public Libraries, Administrative Regulatory Affairs Department and the Parks and Recreation Department began receiving layoff notifications.

Click here to sign our petition and tell Mayor Turner and the City Council to stop the layoffs!

Laying off municipal employees would not just disrupt Houston's public services, it would be personally and financially devastating for many of us and our families. Every day we struggle with understaffing, failing equipment and low morale. City services are stretched thin and we are consistently asked to do more with less.

Join your fellow HOPE members and tell the city to end these unacceptable layoffs.

Time is short and we must act quickly to stop these layoffs. Please take a moment and sign the petition today.

In Unity, 
HOPE Strategic Planning Committee

Gwen Alexander, PWE 
Shelia Bell, HEC 
Dwight Bradley, PWE 
Patricia Escalante, HLTH 
Jason Evans, IAH 
Monica Johnson, HCDD 
Olaf Krause, P & R 
Cedrick Lasane, HCDD 
Felix Lugo, HPW 
Colleen McNeese, PWE 
Charles Morris, HLTH 
Sandra Otoya, Fire 
Sonia Rico, ARA 
Ida Ridle, SWM 
Roy Sanchez, PWE 
Aisha Savoy, HPW Diane Shepherd, HPD 
Cynthia Sidney, HLTH 
Jesse Springer, HPW 
Yulanda Veltz, PWE