Get Active (See your HOPE Committees HERE)


The Secret to HOPE Member's success is Activity. We all know that no one can do everything, but everyone can do something! That's why there are committees available that allow you to focus on YOUR interests and talents to make a real difference:

  • Departmental Union Representatives (DURs): Union Representation is essential to dispute resolution and labor-management cooperation. DURs receive official training from both the City of Houston and HOPE staff to become qualified resources for fellow City Employees. This way, DURs are certified to assist with Employee Concern Resolution Processes (ECRPs), Grievances, and other formal or informal labor-management matters.
  • Contract Enforcement Team (Bargaining Council): The Bargaining Council will support the Negotiating Team that's elected by HOPE Members. While the Negotiating Team is at the table with City Leaders, the Bargaining Council supports their positions by mobilizing HOPE Members around negotiations to help win the best Meet and Confer Agreement possible.

These committees aren't the end of your opportunities for HOPE activity. From Emergency Preparedness Committees to Pension Action Teams to Health and Safety Committees, HOPE Members remain flexible to take on the challenges of the future.