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Why Join?

  • Do you want to build a better and more secure economic future for you and your family?
  • Are you hurting from a lack of quality, affordable healthcare coverage?
  • Have you ever been unfairly disciplined by your supervisor or forced to accept a demotion, suspension or other punishment you didn’t deserve?

If you answered yes to any of these questions it’s time to consider forming a union with AFSCME. With more than 1.6 million active and retired members nationwide, AFSCME is the strongest and most respected public services union in the country.

We consistently fight for and secure the best wages, benefits and working conditions for our members. Since so much of public service workers’ rights, benefits and funding are impacted by the actions of elected officials, we maintain a strong presence in the corridors of government, fighting to protect our members and holding politicians accountable for their actions. We stand ready to do the same for you and your colleagues.

Get in touch with us to have a preliminary conversation and to learn more. All conversations are strictly confidential and you will not be pressured to move forward until you are ready.

On Monday, January 21st, 2018, the Black Heritage Society, in conjunction with the City of Houston, is once again sponsoring the 41st Annual MLK Jr Parade.

HOPE Members will march together in solidarity with other leaders, organizations, and the people of Houston to honor the life and legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

All HOPE Members and family are welcome to represent their Union in the Parade.

Participants are asked to meet at the staging area on Smith St and Lamar St by 9:30 AM and to wear Blue HOPE shirts.

HOPE Members and families have parking available at the Houston Permitting Center located at 1002 Washington Ave, Houston, TX 77002.

--Click HERE for directions from the Permitting Center to City Hall--

Call 832-962-4506 for more questions and stay connected to the HOPE Website and HOPE Facebook.

HOPE AFSCME Local 123 members served their city heroically during Huricane Harvey. Many of you worked night and day to protect the people of Houston while your own homes were flooded and damaged. HOPE is dedicated to helping members rebuild their lives and make sure that we stay HOUSTON STRONG together. Below are resources available to HOPE members. 

Click here to register with the Texas Workers Relief project 

Click here to register with FEMA 

HOPE Members, in addition to the schedule of physical locations, you can now Ratify your 2018 Meet and Confer Agreement by following this link and completing the HOPE Ratification Form.