AFSCME Members Win Big in Texas

AFSCME members won big in the Lone Star state. City workers secured an historic pension reform plan and Correctional employees secured more than $13 million in vehicle replacement funds and $40 million for much needed repairs to correctional facilities and units.

The big budget win was the result of direct action by AFSCME Texas Corrections members, including lobbying, phone calls, petitions, and one-on-one conversations with legislators.

 “Some of our facilities are almost twenty years old, and the wear and tear affects our work,” Officer Ojerinde of Beeville TX said. “The vehicles we use to transport and provide perimeter patrol need to be in working condition. When they aren’t, it creates a dangerous situation. I know as a correctional officer it was really important that my legislator hear directly from me how important these budget requests were.”

 Pension and retirement security were a legislative priority for HOPE AFSCME Local 123 and Houston city employees. AFSCME members worked with Mayor Sylvester Turner and other city stakeholders to address the looming retirement crisis facing the city of Houston.

 AFSCME members also succeeded in thwarting Senate Bill 13, which sought to eliminate automatic payroll deductions for union dues. The bill would have limited our members’ economic freedom and caused serious negative consequences for workers’ ability to negotiate through their union. The Texas governor is calling a special session starting July 18 and SB 13 is on the agenda.

 AFSCME will continue to fight back any future efforts by Texas politicians to undermine the strength of our union.