Attn: HOPE Members, YOU could be a Delegate at the 2020 Democratic National Convention!

AFSCME Looks To Texas Members to Represent our Union:

Would you like to ensure your Union participates in the Upcoming 2020 Democratic National Convention?

AFSCME is looking for members to represent our Union at the 2020 Democratic National Convention and ensure that Labor has representation throughout the Convention process. We will cover some of the larger costs for you, such as airfare and hotels, in order to ensure that as many members can participate as possible!

Convention Delegates must be elected, and the AFSCME Political Action Department will be happy to support and guide you through the process. There will be Delegates from every Texas State Senate District, so no matter where you live, you have a chance of being elected.

How to Run as Delegate in Texas:

Pick Your Candidate

While signing up for your local convention, (which you can do at you will be prompted to pick a candidate to represent. Every candidate that wins 15% of the Texas primary vote will have delegates that represent them at your party’s convention. This means that not only is picking a viable candidate important, but so is campaigning for them.

Campaign for your Spot

Your candidate might win a bunch of delegates, but that doesn’t mean that you specifically get to go represent them. You will have to campaign among convention attendees and convince them why you should be elected to attend the state and national conventions. Depending on how many people have signed up to represent the same candidate as you, and how many delegates your candidate won, this could be a lot easier than you might think!

Attend Your Local and State Conventions

In order to be elected as a delegate, you must attend your county or local party conventions throughout Texas on March 21st. It is here where you will be elected to go to the State Convention in San Antonio, June 2nd-4th. From there, you will be elected to represent your candidate at the 2020 Democratic National Convention in Milwaukee!

How can AFSCME help you?

From ensuring that you register on time, to helping you win your delegate election, we will be by your side every step of the way! Traveling and hotels can be prohibitively expensive, so we’re offering to cover the most cumbersome costs so that you only need to worry about representing your Union and your candidate!

Are YOU Interested?

If you or one of your fellow HOPE members are interested, please reach out to Alex Pizarro by either email ([email protected]) or phone (786-925-2190) as soon as possible. Filing deadlines are coming soon, so please don't wait!

***Disclaimer: You cannot serve as a Delegate if you have participated in another Party’s Primary Elections or Process.***