Fund the Front Lines Campaign (AFSCME Face Masks)

Fund the Front Lines:

During these awkward and difficult times, it’s easy to recognize how much Houston depends on City Employees and other Front Line Public Servants to keep the City going.

As pandemic challenges become apparent, it’s clear that the present state of affairs is due to both the sound investments and the hasty cuts made to public services in the past.

Covid-19 has abruptly moved these past funding decisions beyond impacting daily services and threatening respected jobs; It is literally now a matter of life and death.

Click Here: Tell Congress to fund the front lines so that the essential services we provide can continue. We’re doing our jobs. We need Congress to do theirs.

As local municipalities all over our country are struggling to deal with this pandemic, it’s time for federal support right now. Here’s what’s urgently needed:

  • At least $700 billion more for state and local governments. We need the flexibility to use these grants and substantial funds must be provided to local governments directly based on local needs. The $150 billion in state and local aid included in the CARES Act should also be freed up to fill gaps that are not specific to COVID-19. As the economy falters and revenue plummets, we need to stabilize state and local government finances and ensure that essential services such as clean water, public safety, and trash collection can be maintained.

  • More funds to help states provide health care. We should increase the federal contribution to the Medicaid program known as FMAP by at least another 15%. That will help states handle rising Medicaid caseloads without diverting resources from other critical services.

  • Protect workers on the Front Lines by: 1) Passing an emergency infectious disease standard protecting Front-line workers in all states; and 2) ensuring all workers get needed PPE and medical equipment like N95 masks and ventilators by compelling the president to fully invoke the Defense Production Act (DPA).

  • More education funding as schools shift entirely to online learning. Our schools and our children need no less than $200 billion to sustain them through this crisis. That includes resources to support students without access to computers of high-speed internet.

This essential investment in our health care systems, our schools, and our workplaces will be critical initial steps to a real recovery.

Click HERE to view a letter to Senator Ted Cruz calling on the passing of the HEROES Act.

Click HERE to view a letter to Senator John Cornyn calling on the passing of the HEROES Act.

AFSCME Fund the Front Lines Face Masks

For years, Front-line workers have been steadily asked to do more with less. Even in this pandemic, many created makeshift masks because the correct personal protective equipment wasn’t provided.

By working with AFSCME Brothers and Sisters throughout the Country, HOPE Members have secured Fund the Front Lines Face Masks. These can be worn in conjunction with social distancing and hygienic practices to reduce COVID-19 exposure as well as to stay compliant with local municipality mask requirements.

HOPE Members can CLICK HERE to connect to the Fund the Front Lines Face Mask Request Form.

NOTE: There is a limited supply of Fund the Front Lines Face Masks available.

We may not know exactly when this pandemic will be beaten, the economy reopened, and life returned to normal, but we do know exactly who will do it; our Front Line. Let's do our part to get the funding our Front Line needs.


NOTE: HOPE Members continue to push for workplace improvements within the City of Houston. CLICK HERE to connect to the HOPE COVID-19 Workplace Concern Form.