HOPE 2021 Meet and Confer Bargaining Survey

HOPE 2021 Meet and Confer Bargaining Survey

The 2021 HOPE Negotiating Team is tasked with sitting at the table as the representatives of our collective wants and needs for an Agreement that we all deserve

The HOPE 2021 Meet and Confer Bargaining Survey is the best way for all City Employees to shape what our proposals will be.

How Was The Bargaining Survey Made?

In order to be truly representative, the Negotiating Team split up into four workgroups around the following:

  • Compensation: Includes base pay, incentives, and health care benefits.
  • Workforce: Includes layoffs, staffing levels, promotions process, and privatization.
  • Dispute Resolution: Includes the Grievance Committee, HEAR process, and Corrective Action policy.
  • Policies and Procedures: Includes Emergency Procedures, Covid-19, Mandatory Overtime, and Community Programs.

These workgroups were focused on making sure the Bargaining Survey contained all of the best questions to ask. This way, a clear mandate can be established by City Employees on our Bargaining Priorities.

How did City Employees have access to the Bargaining Survey?

These Negotiations potentially mean Millions of dollars in investment from the City of Houston, and we'll be operating under these policies and procedures for the next 3 years. It's important that we get this right.

That's why we continued our relationship with a 3rd Party service, ElectionBuddy. This way, City Employees could safely, securely, and confidently share the vitally important information asked of them by the Negotiating Team.

Good news, because this Bargaining Survey was for ALL City Employees, was sent to every HOPE Member with a personal Email or Cell Phone on file.

Again, the Bargaining Survey was for ALL City Employees, so folks who did not receive an email or text, couldn't find the email or text, or simply wanted one sent directly to them were asked by the Negotiating Team to fill out a Bargaining Survey Request Form!

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