HOPE Endorsement: Roy Sanchez for HMEPS Trustee #6

HOPE Endorses Roy Sanchez for HMEPS Trustee #6

Our Defined Benefit Pension remains a top reason why many Municipal Employees and HOPE Members stay with the City of Houston.

HOPE members have the opportunity to make sure folks we can trust sit on our Pension Board. That's why Roy Sanchez has our endorsement for the Houston Municipal Employees Pension System Trustee #6.

Voting has started! Vote Online, by Phone, or by Mail! (Ballots MUST be Received by Aug 19th!) Click HERE to connect to your HMEPS!

Roy Sanchez has earned the support of the Executive Board and deserves yours as well... Here's why:

  • Leadership: Roy has been a fighter over the years. He's served as Chair of the Audit Committee, Disability Committee, and Vice Chair of the Board. These titles have never stopped him from making the trips to Austin to fight for the Pension we deserve when the system was threatened.
  • Experience: When it comes to our Pensions, experience matters. Roy has been on the Pension Board since 2010, working hard to keep it strong. HMEPS was in the top 1% of returns for all Pension Systems in 2021 and increased the funding rate over the last 4 years, even through the pandemic.
  • Commitment: Roy wants to make sure we can get what we've earned. That's why he attends yearly pension education to stay on top of the trends. Roy is committed to growing as a trustee for a stronger pension.

Roy's leadership, experience, and commitment make him the best candidate for HMEPS Trustee #6. Your HOPE Executive Board is asking you to choose Roy to make sure our Pension stays strong for all of us.