HOPE PTO Task Force Recommendations!

PTO Task Force Recommendations:

The HOPE members of your PTO task force are proud to say that we have completed our meetings and have recommendations to make to the Mayor and City Council. By standing together, we as HOPE members protected our vacation and sick time and pushed for positive changes because of our collective strength.

We’re pleased that those City Employees with many years of service, those with only a few, and those who would be our co-workers in the future can all benefit from what we’re recommending together.

As you may know, in both our previous 2018 and newest 2021 Meet & Confer Agreements, we as HOPE members agreed with the City to adopt article 12.06 on Paid Time Off which established our PTO Task Force to do the following: 

explore the feasibility of adopting a Paid Time Off (PTO) program to replace or modify the current vacation and sick leave programs offered.”

As HOPE Members, our task force was made up of members from diverse departments with varying years of service. We took this responsibility seriously, because, even with these differences, changes would affect us too. That’s why we took on one singular mission statement throughout the process:

To Protect the Time of Every City Worker, Regardless of Tenure or Department, to Lose No Ground, and to Do No Harm! 

We’re confident today that we’ve accomplished that mission. But one thing is clear; we only had the strength to push for these changes because of YOU.

We made a commitment to meet with all concerned City Employees after every PTO work session and, save for the one around Thanksgiving, we did just that.

You made sure to hear our reports on the progress so far and to give your feedback. This transparency and teamwork made all the difference.

-- Click HERE to view our recommendations as the PTO Task Force! --

As you will see, we are not recommending a move to a PTO program. The changes we are recommending would enhance our current policies, which is simply good news for everyone.

Let’s be clear, as proud as we are of them, they are only just recommendations at this point. But we can all do our part to make sure these become adopted in the near future. You can join the PTO Committee from this link to stay connected to this process. Share this information as well so that every City Employee in your area will know just what they can do to make this happen.

This process illustrates clearly why we’ve made the choice to stand together in our HOPE Union. Frankly, the only way for us as City Employees to win the changes we want is by working together. After all, it’s our time that’s on the line.

In Solidarity,
The HOPE Members of the PTO Task Force