Meet and Confer Roles and Responsibilities

Meet and Confer Roles and Responsibilities:

HOPE Members will only win an Agreement we can be proud of through organization and united action. The HOPE Constitution and Bylaws clearly outlines the purpose of this process:

HOPE Constitution and Bylaws; Article XV - Meet and Confer: "Meet and confer is intended to involve members directly and actively in determining their wages, hours and working conditions.

There is a role for EVERY HOPE Member to play in order to win!

  1. Election Committee: The Negotiating Team Election Committee is responsible for the Oversight and Verification of the Nominations and Elections Process. These Members In Good Standing are Appointed by the HOPE President. To protect the integrity of the Election Process, they Can NOT serve on the Negotiating Team but are welcome to join the Bargaining Council.

  2. Negotiating Team: The 2021 HOPE Negotiating Team will execute the will of the HOPE Membership as expressed via the Bargaining Council, Bargaining Surveys, and other HOPE Member feedback. Made up of 25 Members In Good Standing, the Negotiating Team is elected by the Membership,

  3. Bargaining Council: The Bargaining Council is responsible for Conveying the Will of the Membership to the Negotiating Team. The Council is made up of literally every HOPE Member Leader (whether an Executive Board Member, Department Union Representative or Workplace Leader) who commits to doing their part to make sure the Negotiating Team has the direction from and support of the General Membership.

  4. HOPE Members: Every HOPE Member is responsible for winning a Meet and Confer Agreement we can be proud of. HOPE Members Elect the Negotiating Team, Direct the Negotiating Priorities, Support the Process, and ultimately Ratify the Agreement.