When: Tuesday, Sep 10, 2019, (All day)

Harris County AFL-CIO

2506 Sutherland St.

Houston, TX 77023

HOPE  Members, Municipal  employees  work  hard  every  day  to  make the  City  of  Houston function.  That's  why  we're focused  on working  together  for  solutions  that benet  al of  us. We  know  it's  important  to  elect  folks  who  wil support  us.  At  this  meeting,  our  Political  Action Committee  wil  go  over  the  political  endorsement process. Additiona ly,  HOPE  leaders  have  been focused  on solving  several  worksite  issues,  making  the  City  a better  place  to  work.  We'l  share  these  successes too. We  win more  together,  so  come  out  to  nd  where you can be  a  part  of  the  solution.  Where  We  Go ONE,  We  Go ALL!