M&CA Negotiating Team Election Results

2021 M&CA Negotiating Team Election Results:

The HOPE 2021 M&CA Negotiating Team Elections have officially concluded and the results have been certified by your Negotiating Team Election Committee.

This critical step has been a mandate in the HOPE Constitution and Bylaws since inception:

HOPE Constitution and Bylaws; Article XV - Meet and Confer: “The authority for meet and confer shall be vested in the negotiating team which shall be elected by the membership.”

The Nomination period lasted one week. It was opened at the Conclusion of the HOPE General Membership Meeting on Tuesday, February 2nd, and closed on Tuesday, February 9th. 

All Nominees were verified by the Elections Committee as Members In Good Standing as defined in the HOPE Constitution and Bylaws and formally accepted their nomination.

Nominees had the option to submit a brief bio to appear on the ballot next to their name so that their relevant qualifications were clear and HOPE Members could make the best selection decision.

To ensure diversity and fairness, the Negotiating Team was broken down into Department Groups inspired by the Constitution and Bylaws:

-- Click HERE to view the 2021Negotiating Team Composition which outlines the Department Groups --

We would like to congratulate all the candidates as those who did not win a seat in their Department Group are automatically awarded a seat on the Bargaining Council. They will serve in a critical role to overall success by making sure the Negotiating Team has the direction from and support of the General Membership.

-- Click HERE to view the 2021 Negotiating Process Roles and Responsibilities. --

Below are the Members who received the highest number of votes for their available Department Group Seat(s). 

Full Name
Department Group
Gwen Alexander (1st)HPW - Public Works
Yulanda Veltz (2nd)HPW - Public Works
Dwight Bradley (T3rd)HPW - Public Works
Kiyon Marshall (T3rd)HPW - Public Works
Abel Mosely (5th)HPW - Public Works
Cynthia Sidney (1st)HHD - Health Dept.
Charles Morris (2nd)HHD - Health Dept
Wanda Mathews (3rd)HHD - Health Dept
Jason Evans (1st)HAS - Aviation
Ronald Waters (1st)SWM - Solid Waste
Sandra Otoya (1st)HFD - Public Safety
Alisa Williams (2nd)HPD - Public Safety
Sonia RicoARA - Administration and Regulatory Affairs
Pam WileyDON - Department of Neighborhoods
John ScottFMD - Fleet Management
Kenneth SmithGSD - General Services
Karen FranklinHCDD - Housing & Community Development
Akyta BattlesHEC - Houston Emergency Center
Carmen P. AbregoHPL - Library
Jose SotoMCD - Municipal Courts
Olaf KrauseHPR - Parks & Recreation
Lenard PolkCTR - Controller's Office

NOTE: There are three (3) seats that will be filled by appointment in the spirit of the Constitution and By-laws for the 2nd Seat of HAS, the 2nd Seat of SWM, and the one (1) Seat for HITS/HR/P&D.

IMPORTANT: If you have any questions or concerns regarding your 2021 M&CA Negotiating Team Election, please reach out to your Elections Committee via [email protected] or contact the HOPE office @ 832-962-4506.